PRO-99 is the company's own line of fluids and maintenance chemicals. We work with professional global manufacturers that are accredited to produce and supply such products by a wide and diverse range of car/truck manufacturers and assemblers, petroleum companies, and multinational car care brands.

All PRO-99 products give the best value while delivering performance at par with or even better than so many others, even those of global brands. From brake fluid to coolant, greases to aerosols, we have a range of products suitable for cars, trucks, and heavy equipment across many industries.

Product Lines

  • Brake fluid (Made in UK)
    • DOT 5.1
    • DOT 4
    • DOT 3
  • Coolant
  • 911 - multi-purpose lubricants
  • Maintenance and cleaning chemicals
    • Adhesive and asphalt remover
    • Belt dressing
    • Brake cleaner
    • Carburettor cleaner
    • Electronic motor/contact cleaner
    • Engine degreaser
  • Greases
    • Multi-purpose grease
    • Extreme pressure (EP) grease
    • High temperature grease
  • AdBlue®-certified diesel exhaust fluid
  • Car care chemicals