The Cyclon brand has a strong reputation in the Greek and international lubricant markets. For over 35 years, it has stood for high quality and product diversity, bolstered further by the backing of Europe’s second largest petroleum refiner.

TriboACT Formula®


Innovation is constant at Cyclon, and new products are constantly introduced to address modern requirements. TriboACT® “tribological-action”-enhancing formula was developed to address the latest industry challenges whilst, at the same time, exceeding the continuously evolving lubrication requirements of global engine manufacturers.

What does it do?
The robust & synergistic ACTion of TriboACT®’s components boosts the lubricant’s critical tribological characteristics:

  • Oil film consistency in the valve train
    TriboACT Formula® keeps oil viscosity highly consistent, optimizing the performance of variable valve timing systems in modern vehicles, which are hydraulically operated by the engine computer’s alteration of oil pressure. TriboACT® engine oils minimize cavitation in the valve train and ensure that a protective film stays on components long after the engine is shut off.
  • Wear control in the piston and rings area
    The very strong polar bonding between the proprietary TriboACT® agent’s inorganic parts and the ions of the metal surfaces of the engine allows lubricant molecules to be attracted and to strongly hook up onto metal surfaces. The viscoelastic surface formed is not influenced by operating temperatures, so the oil will not fall off the critical parts of the engine where it is meant to ‘stay at place’ in both engine ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ modes. TriboACT® labeled lubricants will ‘stick around’ to provide up to 68% additional wear protection, particularly in the piston and rings areas.
  • Clean-ability in the turbocharger region
    TriboACT® engine oils will help to keep clean and to protect the turbocharger, a major capital cost for all fleet operators. The detergent/dispersant agents of TriboACT® solubilize deposits and sludge (i.e. they prevent their build up) due to their enhanced polarity. As a result, Tribo-ACT® ensures that deposits and sludge remain suspended and are easily washed away.
  • Fuel economizing benefits
    Thinner oils are being used for two reasons: manufacturers require them for their increasingly compact engine designs and, second, for that they allow for less friction and increase fuel economy. TriboACT Formula® consists of inorganic surface-reactant and organic surface-absorbent components of different polarity. Super-lubricity components act synergistically to form a sponge-like layer on top of the chemically-created oil film that altogether has a very low friction coefficient but is extremely difficult to break. As a result, the oil will not allow friction to develop and will contribute to fuel economy.

Large-scale Advantage

LPC-Cyclon is a subsidiary of Motor Oil Hellas (MOH), the second-largest petroleum refiner in all of Europe. MOH is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business thus providing Europe with a reliable and affordable supply of energy. Through its evolution, MOH is now considered as one of the major contributors to the domestic economy and a key market player in the region.

The MOH refinery, with its ancillary plants and offsite facilities, forms the largest privately held industrial complex in Greece and is considered one of the most modern refineries in Europe.

Due to its flexibility, the MOH refinery can process crude oils of various characteristics and produce a full range of petroleum products compliant with the most stringent International Specifications to serve major petroleum marketing companies in Europe and beyond. Apart from fuels, MOH is the only lubricants producer and packager in Greece. Base oils and finished lubricants produced are approved by International Organizations, ACEA, API, the US Navy & Army.

Product Lines

  • MAGMA: Passenger car and light duty vehicle engine lubricants (PCMO)
  • GRANIT: Commercial and heavy-duty diesel engine lubricants
  • LAVA: Motorcycle and outboard engine lubricants
  • GEAR: Driveline lubricants
  • SPECIAL PRODUCTS: Automotive specialty products
  • INDUSTRIAL lubricants and fluids
  • MARINE lubricants

Visit Brand Website: WWW.CYCLON-LPC.COM
Visit MOH Website: WWW.MOH.GR