Our steering and suspension program consists of more than 6.500 different items already. The most important product groups are: control arms, control arm bushings, ball joints, stabilizer links, axial joints and tie rod ends.
We use exclusively premium material and advanced equipment. Our quality control system is in compliance with OE standard and we are ISO/TS16949 certified.

GSP offer competitive MOQ 30 pcs for suspension and steering parts and a available high stock for the items.
Further, we provide well-functioned catalogue system and GSP is also certified TECDOC data supplier.


GSP sells only brand new drive shafts. Core handling does not apply.
All cv joint kits contain the joint, the boot, the grease sachet and the fixation parts.
The already quite large range of hubs is being enlarged constantly. Being OE manufacturer for rubber to metal components we are now offering these parts also to the independent aftermarket.
GSP is permanently optimizing and increasing the range to be offered. Customers are being informed regularly about new product releases. Each quarter we provide all data for new products to TecDoc.
GSP products are subject to constant quality controls and are being certified according to TS 16949, ISO14001, NAMI and OHSAS.



Central tie rods, ball joints, rack ends, and other swivelling parts employ solid ball joints in their construction, unlike lesser competitors that use hard plastics to save on costs and increase profits by just selling their brand names. All Central solid ball joints have the following characteristics:

  • Swing angle conforms to OEM specifications.
  • Minimal clearance values and friction torque reduces wear and maintains easy control of vehicles.
  • High roundness of ball studs extends service life and brings noise to a minimum.
  • High quality plastic dust covers protects against dust and moisture and maintains an effective seal from -50 to 130 degrees Celsius.
  • 100% Made in Taiwan

All Central products are inscribed with the Central marque and Made in Taiwan signs to facilitate easy identification and guarantee superior quality.

Visit Manufacturer Website: EN.TW-CENTRAL.COM