Smooth. Silky. That’s how the experience of driving is described when engines are lubricated with the best oil possible. And based on user feedback, that is just how MAG 1 100% fully synthetic engine oil rides like.

The new full synthetic ACEA A3/B4 Euro Blend (5W40 viscosity) gives gasoline and diesel engines more enduring, cleaner, high performance protection and lubrication. It also passes or exceeds standards set by all major European car manufacturers. But those who drive in the toughest, heavy-duty conditions, we recommend the full synthetic All Fleet CJ-4/SM Oil (also 5W40 viscosity), accredited by major American, Japanese and European heavy equipment manufacturers. MAG 1 full synthetic oils contain FMX (Friction Modified for eXtended wear protection) additives that enhance performance against wear, oxidation, corrosion and deposits. The result is longer engine life, extended engine performance and improved fuel economy, even through the most severe conditions.

In original packing from the USA, MAG 1 oils, additives, greases and other automotive chemicals contain no contamination, no adulteration and most of all, the right amount of additives (no less, as certified 100%) to enhance engine performance.