Early warning devices, or triangles, are required in every vehicle because if something goes wrong and cars are forced to stop or park, these devices warn other vehicles from afar, especially at night. But there are some warning triangles that aren’t as visible in the distance. To protect lives, we recommend Deflector Early Warning Devices.

The right material counts. Our devices are approved for traffic safety by the European and American SAE/DOT, and the material passed European Standard E1 27 R 031178. In other words, the material has high reflectivity and can be seen 300 meters away, providing optimal safety in the dark. Other warning products may be a whole lot cheaper, but can their ordinary acrylic provide adequate safety? For these cheaper products, visibility is only 50 meters.

Deflector devices come with convenient fasteners and hinges for easy assembly, and backing is made from recyclable ABS plastic, with no sharp edges that can injure fingers. The device comes with rubber-capped mounting for better ground grip, and will not be swept away by winds. It’s convenient, but above all, we’re proud that these products can protect lives better than others.