Most drivers probably dread carrying a lot of things say, in the rain, having to unlock vehicle doors while juggling things to get one hand free to do the job. How about walking to your parked car in the dark, wishing you did not have to fumble through your pocket for your car keys to unlock the door? What if there was a way to have your car automatically unlock when you’re close by, and all you have to do is get in, lock the doors, and find your car keys in the security of your car? And what if this alarm automatically locks your doors when you walk away, just in case you forget to lock?

Giordon Proximity Alarms make this possible, as individually coded transmitters ensure that there are no more than two transmitters – one for the spare key – that communicate with a receiver installed in a specific vehicle. These transmitters work as any vehicle security transmitter should and perform a variety of functions such as locking, unlocking and sounding the siren with the press of a button.

Additionally, these transmitters constantly “look” for the vehicle receiver coded to them, and, once within 2 meters, automatically unlock your vehicle’s doors for you. Forgetting to lock your doors is not a problem, too, as the Giordon Proximity Alarm automatically locks your vehicle’s doors once it detects that the transmitter is out of range. Battery life is not a problem, as the transmitters have been proven to last just as long on a single battery as OEM proximity alarms. Giordon Proximity Alarms just simply make you relax and not feel the hassle.