Most new cars come with plastic wraps that seal off speaker enclosures in door panels. These wraps then flex and distort sound and music, which artists intended listeners to hear. Consequently, it also gives poor sound quality.

The Dhyana Ace Mat solves this problem by providing solid backing in place of the flimsy plastic wraps. The doors become enclosures and, as audiophiles would know, only then can the speakers produce tight sound. The mats reduce distorted sound waves, which typically cancel out the “right” sound waves that the listener should hear. Of course, the result is a clearer and louder sound. Ace Mats can also be installed in the trunk, converting it into one big enclosure for louder and tighter bass. It can be installed on flooring and outer door panels too, ridding the passenger cabin of road noise.

The Ace Mat is made of a dual-layer construction for maximum benefit and longevity. The aluminum layer on top can easily be formed to match the detailed contours of the installation surface. This would allow the lower adhesive layer to stick to the surface for a bond that would last the life of the vehicle. This is where Ace Mat wins over inferior products, as the adhesive used in the Ace Mat will not deform under extreme heat. If you think you’re not enjoying your music, try the Ace Mats and hear a different tune.