Tired of hearing outside noise in your car? Road noise can get annoying when travelling over fifty kilometers an hour. Significant noise occurs due to the contact point of tires with the road surface, but there is a way to eliminate it.

Simply spray Ace Chassis Armor Spray on the wheel wells to get rid of road noise. The Ace Spray solution dries up as a semi-soft texturized layer, dampening sound waves as they travel from tires to the wheel well. Without this layer, sounds just pass through or bounce off the metal or plastic wheel well cover, eventually entering the passenger cabin. With a layer of Ace Spray, most sound waves are simply eliminated upon contact and not allowed to bounce off.

The whole underbody of the vehicle can be sprayed with Ace Spray to seal off as many entry points for sound waves as possible. The layer doubles as rust protection, offering sound dampening benefits which typical rust-proofing doesn’t offer. The undercoating also serves as extra protection against road gravel and other small debris. So why not go for the all-in-one Dhyana Ace Spray?