With its expertise in auto lamps, DLAA now presents DLAA daytime running lamps to enhance your car’s image and increase road safety!

In 2008, the European Union required daytime running lamps, or DRLs, on all new vehicles sold in the EU by February 2011 for better road safety. In a 2008 study, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that DRLs notably reduced traffic accidents involving tall vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks.

DRLs used to look like faint lighting, constantly turned on during the day and dimmed when the headlamps are turned on. Thanks to advances in technology, however, LEDs are now incorporated in our modern DLAA DRLs. These emit sufficiently bright light using less energy than typical halogen or even HID lamps.

The LEDs enhance style by giving cars a classy look. With the variety of sizes and fits available, you can choose which type you want on your car for you to truly call it your own.