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VIC Filters

VIC has been a leading oil, fuel, air and cabin filter brand for the past few decades. VIC filters enjoy more than 70% market share in Japan, and are also rebranded as OEM filters. Filtration is made more efficient thanks to their superior construction – something that’s very crucial but easily overlooked since, especially for oil filters, the difference is inside. Patents and proprietary technology related to the manufacturing process of filter media ensure superior filter quality.

VIC is the only filter brand in the Philippines that is genuinely made in Japan, and every filter is built for OEM quality. However, there are too many counterfeit VIC filters in the Philippines. Motorists are advised to buy only from reputable, authorized outlets. Be wary if filters are too cheap or light. To find out more about what’s inside VIC filters (as well as fakes) and what the difference is, see information below. For vehicle applications, please contact us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Durable oven-baked filter paper has more pleats for bigger filtration surface area. NBR rubber gasket resists extreme temperatures and will not break down due to heat.


For more information, please visit the official website of VIC at www.eiken-kk.co.jp.