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Sound Deadening Products

Long confined to audiophiles, sound deadening products are actually recommended for everyone, especially in roads like ours. Dhyana sound deadening products are suitable for everyone, from average drivers distracted by too much road noise in the streets, or audiophiles who want the purest sound and best music experience from their radios and audio systems. Please visit www.acemat.net for more details.

The easiest solution to road noise is the multipurpose Ace Spray. It can eliminate noise from the underchassis or the road. It protects fuel tank and underchassis from stones, vibration, road noise and road heat, and protects against moisture and corrosion. In short, it acts as stone-guard, protective undercoating, rust-proofing and sound deadener. Just apply two cans on underchassis for protection against moisture and gravel, but up to five cans will do for best performance against noise and vibration.

Ace liners and mats reduce noise, acts as thermal insulation and dampens vibration. Mats are made from high grade specially formulated butyl rubber. These products contain no asphalt and are perfectly safe for health. With Ace liners and mats, annoying road noise from tires, engines and other sources won’t be much of a problem anymore. Plus, stereos will sound better and more defined!