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Nakamichi Audio Systems

Nakamichi now extends its tradition of excellence in acoustics since 1948 to its automotive audio line, delivering sound and precision only the best can produce. Premium components used in the speaker cones ensure acoustic fidelity, with the reinforced polypropylene and glass fibre cones maintaining their structure throughout excursion and providing minimal distortion. Their light mass ensures that speakers remain responsive at all times, allowing listeners to hear minute details original artists intended them to hear. Neodymium magnets provide excellent drive, compared to bulky ferrite magnets, allowing richer sound that would otherwise be unachievable. Lastly, silk dome tweeters provide warmth in the acoustic output and allow easier soundstage construction.

Nakamichi amplifiers, on the other hand, are available in different trims. The entry-level PL series allows the listener to experience tonal accuracy affordably with excellent frequency response and minimal stereo crosstalk. The mid-range PM series is for more demanding users, with circuitry designed to provide listeners with a concert hall experience, from the lowest cello to the highest cymbals. The PA series completes Nakamichi’s line of amplifiers; this model features full Class-D circuitry even on 4-channel amplifiers and is perfect for the sound competitors who want to churn out clear and defined sound from their vehicles all day long.