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Equipment and Tools

Deflector early warning triangles are designed for maximum safety of motorists. The device conforms with European E1 standards – the only type in the Philippines. Luminous distance is more than 500 m, far outperforming other warning devices available in the country. So when drivers are stuck in highways at night due to sudden vehicle problems, the device serves as a very effective means of signalling their presence, unlike other brands which, while cheap, serve almost no purpose.

Download the Deflector Warning Triangle Brochure.

Other Equipment

Whether for shop use or DIY applications, customers get quality equipment guaranteed to benefit their businesses or make their personal repair and maintenance duties quick and easy.

Other equipment and tools: bottle jacks, floor jacks (professional heavy duty), filter wrenches, metal carts/tool boxes, car creepers, fuel tanks, washing ladders, camel tool boxes, fluid extractor.