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As our premier car accessories brand, Deflector stands for the highest quality in car accessories. Deflector’s innovative product lines include our Window Door Visors, Plate Security Covers and Car Covers, all of which we were either entirely the first to introduce, or first to launch significantly improved designs.


Made of 100% polycarbonate acrylic with no recycled materials, the original Deflector door visors will not fade or turn brittle due to outdoor exposure. It helps cool down vehicles, prevent heat build-up inside cars and provide UV protection during hot days, and also deflects rainwater on rainy days. The use of alloy molds ensures consistent shape and accurate fit, which is why these products are OEM for manufacturers in Taiwan and Thailand.




Primal is the inventor and owner of all patents and copyrights for this 100% original design. The revolutionary design includes an ABS plastic back plate, acrylic center cover and chrome-plated stainless steel frame. With a nameplate for customization, this product adds class to vehicle appearance, but also functions as deterrence to license plate theft. Due to its construction, license plates would be difficult to forcibly remove.


However, beware of counterfeits made of cheap materials that may damage vehicles. Cheap imitations are not as refined, which means they easily fade or crack, and have sharp edges.


Deflector transformed the essential car cover into something much more, and not just a mere cover made of cloth, or nylon. Deflector’s multilayered car covers, especially the 100% waterproof outer vinyl, offer total protection from UV rays, tearing, animals, heat, acid rain and dust. The inner layer comes with anti-scratch backing to protect vehicle paint. The material is fire retardant, and will contain flames if exposed for short periods of time. It also comes with patented strap locks before the front wheels and after the rear wheels so cover won’t be blown off by strong winds. Reflective triangles are present on all sides for added safety.

Sizes are available for all types of vehicles, whether sedan, hatchback, van or SUV. Please contact us for inquiries.