7 January 2012

Smooth. Silky. That’s how the experience of driving is described when engines are lubricated with the best oil possible. And based on user feedback, that is just how MAG 1 100% fully synthetic engine oil rides like.

The new full synthetic ACEA A3/B4 Euro Blend (5W40 viscosity) gives gasoline and diesel engines more enduring, cleaner, high performance protection and lubrication. It also passes or exceeds standards set by all major European car manufacturers. But those who drive in the toughest, heavy-duty conditions, we recommend the full synthetic All Fleet CJ-4/SM Oil (also 5W40 viscosity), accredited by major American, Japanese and European heavy equipment manufacturers. MAG 1 full synthetic oils contain FMX (Friction Modified for eXtended wear protection) additives that enhance performance against wear, oxidation, corrosion and deposits. The result is longer engine life, extended engine performance and improved fuel economy, even through the most severe conditions.
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6 January 2012

Early warning devices, or triangles, are required in every vehicle because if something goes wrong and cars are forced to stop or park, these devices warn other vehicles from afar, especially at night. But there are some warning triangles that aren’t as visible in the distance. To protect lives, we recommend Deflector Early Warning Devices.

The right material counts. Our devices are approved for traffic safety by the European and American SAE/DOT, and the material passed European Standard E1 27 R 031178. In other words, the material has high reflectivity and can be seen 300 meters away, providing optimal safety in the dark. Other warning products may be a whole lot cheaper, but can their ordinary acrylic provide adequate safety? For these cheaper products, visibility is only 50 meters.
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5 January 2012

Most drivers probably dread carrying a lot of things say, in the rain, having to unlock vehicle doors while juggling things to get one hand free to do the job. How about walking to your parked car in the dark, wishing you did not have to fumble through your pocket for your car keys to unlock the door? What if there was a way to have your car automatically unlock when you’re close by, and all you have to do is get in, lock the doors, and find your car keys in the security of your car? And what if this alarm automatically locks your doors when you walk away, just in case you forget to lock?
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4 January 2012

Nakamichi automotive sound systems, recommended for those who seek audio clarity, are now available in the Philippines.

In 1948, Nakamichi started as a small research institute in Japan, where it focused on acoustics and electronics, developing various innovations. But the Nakamichi brand was first used in 1972 when the Nakamichi 1000 was launched. It disproved the notion that cassettes can never be Hi-Fi, and, as some may remember, quickly became the standard others aimed for.
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3 January 2012

Most new cars come with plastic wraps that seal off speaker enclosures in door panels. These wraps then flex and distort sound and music, which artists intended listeners to hear. Consequently, it also gives poor sound quality.

The Dhyana Ace Mat solves this problem by providing solid backing in place of the flimsy plastic wraps. The doors become enclosures and, as audiophiles would know, only then can the speakers produce tight sound. The mats reduce distorted sound waves, which typically cancel out the “right” sound waves that the listener should hear. Of course, the result is a clearer and louder sound. Ace Mats can also be installed in the trunk, converting it into one big enclosure for louder and tighter bass. It can be installed on flooring and outer door panels too, ridding the passenger cabin of road noise.
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2 January 2012

Tired of hearing outside noise in your car? Road noise can get annoying when travelling over fifty kilometers an hour. Significant noise occurs due to the contact point of tires with the road surface, but there is a way to eliminate it.

Simply spray Ace Chassis Armor Spray on the wheel wells to get rid of road noise. The Ace Spray solution dries up as a semi-soft texturized layer, dampening sound waves as they travel from tires to the wheel well. Without this layer, sounds just pass through or bounce off the metal or plastic wheel well cover, eventually entering the passenger cabin. With a layer of Ace Spray, most sound waves are simply eliminated upon contact and not allowed to bounce off.
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1 January 2012

With its expertise in auto lamps, DLAA now presents DLAA daytime running lamps to enhance your car’s image and increase road safety!

In 2008, the European Union required daytime running lamps, or DRLs, on all new vehicles sold in the EU by February 2011 for better road safety. In a 2008 study, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that DRLs notably reduced traffic accidents involving tall vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks.
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