Founded in 1988, Primal Enterprises Corporation (PEC) is a major importer and distributor of automotive products in the Philippines. For over 20 years, we have relentlessly pursued excellence, innovation and market leadership by striving to launch new products in the market. PEC’s edge lies in our extensive sales and distribution network. We have the largest warehouse facility among leading industry players to keep optimal inventory levels. The company’s delivery system and in-house sales force reach dealers nationwide, wherever in the Philippines.

PEC believes in a service-oriented outlook, and we manifest that through order processing, deliveries, customer relations, etc. But above all, “Quality First” is our foremost consideration. Cheaper products made from inferior materials are unacceptable due to their potentially damaging effects. Low quality goods are uneconomical and can possibly endanger lives. This is why we believe in “Quality First” as the biggest service to our partners and customers. This has been the principal contributor to our success as well.

Our Vision

To ensure constant growth and market leadership, we aim to enhance the reputation of our company, as well as our partners, through consistent distribution of high quality products of value.

Our Mission

We aim to:

  1. Create mutual profitability for us and our business partners with unmatched service;
  2. Treat our people as valued partners, and share what has been bestowed to us;
  3. Improve constantly and seek to venture into promising and compatible lines; and
  4. Grow the investment of our shareholders by never ceasing to grow and improve.